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I wasn’t always an authority on dyslexia. In fact, I was in denial that my son’s writing ‘fist grip’ was even an issue. I told myself, and everyone else, he would grow out of it. His frustration with all modes of communication led to him banging his head on the wall. It was so bad that the doctor told me to video the outbursts, so no one would think I was hurting him.

And my daughter was reading at a 1st grade level…the problem was that she was in 7th grade!

I believe kids should be taught to read by trained professionals who can spot, intervene and solve any reading bumps a child may encounter on their educational journey. Our family learned the hard way, through years of unsuccessful, small group pullouts and IEP meetings. Schools don’t hire or train teachers skilled in identifying and intervening with effective strategies for the 1 in 5 children who struggle to read. By circumventing traditional channels, and working with an experienced Certified Academic Language Therapist, we would have been able to solve this problem in 1st grade in a fraction of the time…not to mention avoiding the academic, social and emotional frustration.

My daughter had dreams of becoming a nurse. She wore dress-up scrubs and had a toy stethoscope from the age of 2. But as a 7th grader, unable to break the code despite years of school intervention, those dreams had faded. After 27 months with a CALT, she is now a rising senior with straight A’s in Anatomy and applying to medical schools. What I love best is hearing her on the phone with her friends laughing and joking around. These relationships are priceless, and I can’t put a price tag on them. Seeing her confident, and comfortable and reaching for her dreams is the big prize. Unlocking language is the key.

I don’t want any other parent to go through what I went through. If you mastered the skill to teach your child, where would you be in 6 months? I want to find parents I can help right away so their child can make up for lost time and close the widening gap. It’s step-by-step. It’s measurable. If you aren’t using this system to teach your child, then your child will not read as quickly and easily as they should be able to.

When I first set about solving this problem for myself, I expected to find help in the school system. What I found out is that by the time they provide help, so much time has been lost. The school’s offer of 30 minutes 2x a week by overwhelmed teachers was not enough. This left me to find a private therapist, which is expensive and a massive time suck which forced my child to give up their favorite extracurricular activities.

Are you ready to engage in a new lifestyle where your child learns the best methods at the most convenient time for them?

Many families have used this system to recreate their children’s future opportunities. I give 100% assurance that this will work for you if you follow my systems. Are you ready? If you open up your mind, after 6 months, you will say, “WOW” when you see the results.

I’ve gone on to use those same discoveries to become recognized as an advocate, coach and mentor. I challenge you to find this anywhere. The experts don’t teach this.

I love to teach people about communication and connection. I am going to show you some exact strategies that create the right environment that caters to your child’s learning style.

There are a ton of people who want my advice. I’m on a mission to help as many parents, teachers & educators access the tools they need right now to get measurable and accountable results so that their child becomes more independent and soar.

I make myself available for speaking opportunities and media appearances to help further this mission.

teaching experience

of hours working 1:1 with students, locally, nationally and internationally

of happy, empowered, confident students

I specialize in


Changing the way children learn to re-ignite their enthusiasm and drive to learn


Finding the correct strategy for your child to enable them to flourish

Building Confidence

Helping children to believe in their abilities and overcome obstacles with confidence

Empowering Parents

Providing the support and strategies to enable parents to educate successfully

Public Speaking

Giving workshops and seminars on the complexities of dyslexia

Transforming Lives

Working with children & parents to improve lives step-by-step

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