Vowel Power Game for Dyslexic Readers by Genesis Reading

Vowel Power is a brand new board game created by Certified Academic Language Therapist, Sheridan Hotung. It combines the excitement of gameplay with strategies rooted in the science of reading.


Students quickly learn to:
– decode
– manipulate syllables and phonemes and
– develop creative verbal expression in a relaxed and fun environment.


Vowel Power Game by Genesis Reading

 With inviting and colorful game boards, Vowel Power offers interactive gameplay that highlights the child’s strengths while simultaneously providing tasks to support areas of challenge. Vowel Power is the perfect tool to help your child master reading.

exciting levels

of play combinations


learning fun!

Get ready to supercharge your decoding skills and have fun while learning to read!

How will the Vowel Power game benefit learning?

Re-Engergizing Learning

Change reading from rote to actively engaged entertainment.

Problem Solving

Sharpens decoding skills and lets the child’s imagination create meaning.

Building Confidence

Providing a safe space for children to practice decoding skills, overcome obstacles and SOAR!

Try a mini version of

Vowel Power Game for Dyslexic Readers by Genesis Reading

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Simply click the pink button and add your name and email address you will receive a mini version of the Vowel Power game to print out and try at home.

You will need


You will need a color printer to print the game board and cards. All files will be supplied as PDF documents.

Good quality paper or card

Print the game cards in color on double-side card or paper. The thicker the better for durability and game play.


With scissors or a paper trimmer, simply cut along the dotted lines to create the game cards.

Coin or small object

Any small object such as a coin/toy will be ideal to mark your position as you move around the game board.

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