Candy Corns – whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, you RECOGNIZE THEM. 

Their clear orange, yellow and white delineation either makes you salivate or pass them on to ‘a friend’!

·      Reading: name the letters, read through the vowel, read word.

·      Handwriting: Trace, copy, memory.

·      Spelling: Sound spell, tapping, no tapping

Students master these procedures, rewire the brain and fire the neurons to work together. 

Does it work? YES, and there is resounding data to support the results.

Students are stronger decoders, spellers and critical thinkers…

And whether they love it or hate it, it is a SWEET prize!

Structured Literacy has prompt, corrective procedures, as distinct as candy corns. 


Sheridan Hotung, CALT
Language Therapist & Coach to the dyslexic community of children, parents & educators