So, Bunny Speed-dating is a thing… bunnies live between 8-12 years…so a single bunny is a lonely bunny. Facebook groups dedicated to getting your bunny a companion are filled with descriptions of a variety of cover bunnies from French Lop’s to Lionheads, Holland Lops to Netherland Dwarves. No matter your taste: floppy ears, floofy manes, playful nature or tiny, fun-sized pets, there is an adorable, soft, cuddly bunbun to suit anyone.

One of my writing students filled me in on the bunny dating world. Her family has had bunnies for years. And when their bunny recently died, he was replaced by Figgy, an adorable helicopter-eared caramel brown doe. Now that Figgy has acclimated to the family and the dog, they are ready to get her hitched….like…this weekend!

How do we become a faster reader? Well for one, FOCUS on something of interest. When there is an inherent desire to know about a topic, the focus is naturally higher. On Day 1 with my student, I didn’t know anything about bunnies. But my student’s infectious enthusiasm for all things bunny was contagious. Naturally, I knew this would be a great starting point to launch our bi-weekly writing session. Focus on a topic she was focused on. Right off the bat, I became the student of all things bunny related. The role reversal on who was now the teacher fostered immediate connection. I asked countless questions like:

  • What are helicopter ears?
  • A rabbit actually licks you when they like you?
  • Can bunnies hear well?
  • What is a binkie? Wait, a bunny doing a binkie can be equated to me singing Lizzo’s, ‘Hair toss, check my nails?’ at full volume in my car?

Improving your reading starts with picking a topic you want to know more about. The level of intelligence sharply increases as you dig for more information and ask more clarifying questions. As you dive deeper, you think more quickly and make more connections, not just with the material, but with people you share your insights with. As they connect and ask more questions, your understanding and drive become boundless. You actually begin to forget you ever had limitations!

Actively engaging in different media platforms to find information, brainstorm, and give time to your subject is the name of the game. When my student told me she and her mom scheduled hop-around time on different Facebook groups, it became clear that what you put in will match what you get out. She had an incredible knowledge of bunny habitats and food preferences and gave me a run-down of the different types of hay they like to eat. The choices were as unique and varied as the fruits and vegetables on a Tropical Smoothie menu. She informed me that if you accidentally chose alfalfa hay instead of a grass hay, your bunny could eat their cozy bedding for dinner, and put on some unwanted weight, not to mention you’ll need a new place for your ‘bunbun’ to sleep! Expanding and scheduling time to activate additional areas of interest within the main topic is essential. While this clearly took time to learn about bunny-life, when it came time to find Figgy a companion, the answers were at her fingertips…and now, an elopement is on the horizon.

What moves the needle when we talk about leadership and learning are people who read and fill their minds with positive information that sparks curiosity… because whatever you feel joyful about is what you should be reading about…that’s why knowledge is POWER. – Jim Kwik

It’s not about the people who are fast readers or slow readers. It’s about the people who KNOW what makes them joyful. Allow yourself to focus and activate anything that makes you want to do a binkie! That’s how you become a great reader!


Sheridan Hotung, CALT
Language Therapist & Coach to the dyslexic community of children, parents & educators