Do You Have But? BUNDLE – Includes All 6 Levels

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Do You Have But? The game for 2 “cheeky” players to identify syllables by sounding and matching 2-syllable words.

Level 1 Goal:  Closed syllables / short vowels and practice the schwa sound.
Level 2 Goal: Vowel teams syllables and diphthongs.
Level 3 Goal: Open syllables / long vowels.
Level 4 Goal: Vowel-r syllables.
Level 5 Goal: Vowel Consonant-e syllables.
Level 6 Goal: Final Stable Syllables.

This is a digital download file for you to print at home and start playing straight away.


What’s included?

  1. Game boards x2 for each of the 6 levels
  2. Card decks x2 for each of the 6 levels
  3. Rules for each level
  4. Game key for each level

You will need:

  • Color printer
  • Good quality paper or card stock
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer

For extra durability and longevity, you could even laminate your game board and cards!