Back in the day, I was a Tae Bo, Billy Blanks girl. 

Those early videos with short sets of steps, knees and punches led to more than a few crashes in my NY apartment. But, as I built my skills with daily workouts, I was able to keep up and put all the moves together ….and stop breaking things!

The cumulative approach of practising skills in isolation and putting it all together daily led to mastery…. and made me a force to be reckoned with on the streets of NY!

After a few months, I felt pretty comfortable walking home late from work. Cumulative practice is the escalator to automaticity. I no longer had to think about each move. It was ingrained in my muscle memory.

Students in Structured Literacy receive targeted lessons that reinforce skills… which make them a force to be reckoned with in the classroom.

Structured Literacy results in confident decoders, syllable superstars, and fluent readers…. kicking balanced literacy to the curb. 


Sheridan Hotung, CALT
Language Therapist & Coach to the dyslexic community of children, parents & educators