VOWEL POWA(R) Game – Level 4 (VR) Vowel-r Syllables


Welcome to VOWEL POWER! The fun way to learn how to read quickly and easily while developing advanced critical thinking skills & verbal expression.

Let’s talk about vowel-r syllables – they’re all over the place, they come in different flavors, and they can be tricky for students to conquer. That’s why we need to review them constantly! Watch students who haven’t fully developed their phonological awareness become the Boss as they develop strategies to tackle R-Controlled syllables head-on!


  • Master the VR syllable type (vowel is followed by the letter ‘r’ which controls the sound of the vowel)
  • Targeted strategies to maximize fun and minimize stress
  • Have fun and be creative

You will be provided with the game board, rules and cards for you to print out and use at home.


You will need:

  • Color printer
  • Good quality paper or card stock
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer
  • Game pieces – you could use a coin, small toy, old game pieces

The board game is available in two sizes for you to print at home or send to be printed, US Letter and US Legal.

For extra durability and longevity, you could even laminate your game board and cards!

Watch this short video to see how to play Vowel Power:


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